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Brady Allen | Tana Todd

Based in Colorado Springs, Colorado, USA


We are just two average Army vets whose paths to happiness crossed at a college football game. We’re an odd pair in the same way puzzle pieces somehow fit together.


Riding motorycles became the vehicle upon which we discovered and set free our common passion for adventure, travel, photography, and videography.


Why meerkats? Have you SEEN them? They run around in tight family mobs, and the alpha female is the boss! She wouldn’t keep a healthy and happy family without a strong and supportive companion, though... Dual Sport (Adventure) motorcyclists often resemble a vigilant meerkat whilst standing on the footpegs of their bikes. Is the personification too obvious? We didn’t think so either. Hence, the irresistible urge to smoosh the whole concept into a catchy business name.


We offer freelance digital media production to Colorado business owners, friends, and moto-enthusiasts looking to capture their next big adventure in 4K!


DSLR photography, 4k videography, drone photography, moto-vlogs and portrait photography.

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